Remembering Jamir Garcia

7/12/20222 min read

VLADIMIR “Jamir” Garcia, Filipino musician and Kapampangan rock icon, died on November 26, 2020 at the age of 42. Since it was the height of the pandemic at that time, Jamir’s fans and friends in Pampanga, especially those from his hometown of Sasmuan, were not able to mount a tribute gig in his honor.

Fondly remembered and admired especially in the Kapampangan local music scene, Jamir served as an inspiration to generations because of his musicality, strong stage presence, and achievements. Jamir served as the main vocalist of nu-metal band Slapshock which he joined in 1998 and the band is widely recognized and well-respected as one of the pioneers of heavy metal in our country.

Fast forward to 2022, a tribute gig in his remembrance was finally organized on June 25, 2022 at Robinsons Starmills, City of San Fernando, Pampanga. The event was dubbed “4th Degree Burn”, a reference to Slapshock’s debut album in 1999 which gave us hits like “Agent Orange” and went on to achieve platinum status.

The tribute gig was headlined by Filipino band and Macbeth Philippines official endorsers Imbue No Kudos, Laguna Hardcore band Piledriver, and Kapampangan bands Dagta, Chapters, Anthems of Nobodies, Injent, and Jacked Posse, who performed in honor of Jamir.

The gig also coincided with the annual Sikwatan II skateboarding competition organized by the Pampanga Skate Community and featured talented skateboarders from all over the province who showcased their awesome skills. In attendance was Jamir’s cousin from the Salenga side and municipal tourism officer of Sasmuan, Pampanga, Jayson Salenga.

The tribute was made possible through the efforts of the indefatigable Lhei Macaspac, renowned events host and vocalist of 3 Stars and a Sun, with support from the Municipality of Sasmuan, Pampanga through its Municipal Tourism Officer, City of San Fernando Tourism Office, Mayor-elect Catalina Bagasina, Oji Salamat and Bie Marangle, Allan Sampang of Wear Kapampangan and Kahel Yeah, Matikas Artwear, Angels Beauty Salon, and the official venue Robinsons Starmills Pampanga.

A couple of years may have passed since the music scene lost Jamir but his legacy lives on among his cabalens. Rest easy, Jamir. You are forever in our hearts and music.